7 Secret Kiss From Man


Secret kiss from man. Kiss used as a reinforcement bonding and testing mechanism. Did you know that the meaning of a kiss for a man and a woman very different meaning. Women use kissing as a way to express love to your spouse, or as a measure of intimacy add warm or chilled in a relationship. Meanwhile, men were evaluating a kiss to enhance their sexual desire.
Kiss from a man sticking a particular purpose. To know what men secret kiss, why not check this info.

1. Kisses on the forehead
Kiss like this are not uncommon seen on the spouses. For husband, this kiss is symbolic love for his beloved wife. This love is poured holy, so the recipient of a kiss can feel love from men.

2. Kisses on the cheek
If a husband and wife kiss on the cheek away, that means he loves his wife. Kiss on the cheek is often given by a husband to his wife when joking or happy and when her husband returned home from work or just walking away. At this point it’s definitely a kiss on the cheek rested mark husband wife so loved, missed, and loved couples sincere heart.

3. Kisses the hand
When a man kissed the back of women hand, that mean he is respected and admired partner. The act of kissing someone's hand is usually done by a child against his parents, a subordinate to his superior. a pupil to a teacher or whatever the situation is appropriate. Rarely the man kissed women hand as a wife. This marked the men were very high honour and celebrate the dignity of women is a very special person in his life.

4. Kisses on the lips
While his wife was standing and suddenly the husband approached thus holding both hands while gazing at the face of his wife accompanied a couple kiss on the lips perch. The mark of a kiss of love was released. That means his love to his spouse becoming hot.

5. Kisses from behind
Surprise kiss from behind, a gift by a husband to his wife demonstrate how he is so crave partner at the time. Spontaneous action also marks they want something from his couple.

6. Kissing on knees
If any man able to kiss women knees, that means he really fall in love with the woman and willing to do anything to have her. However, be careful because she might take a chance on yours.

7. Kisses the feet
This is the culture and customs of Indians. If any man that is willing to do so, this guy is very unusual. If he kissed your toe not because of custom this man is too humble and adoring women. However, must be careful because it’s weird and he cannot do like that!