Creative Garden Container Ideas

Bird Cage With Succulents

This is a perfect use for older bird cages which are really not suitable for birds! The wire could be spray painted any colour but I really like how the black looks in contrast to the plants. You can see examples of antique bird cages here.

Old Wooden Wagon Planter

I don’t know how well those wheels would work but this old cart certainly makes a fine planter.

Metal Tube Planters

This is a great idea—take various metal tubes or cylinders found in home reno supply stores and turn them into planters. Insert smaller garden pots inside and wa-la! Nice, modern look for the garden.

Ladder Container Garden

It’s an old idea but still a great idea: use an old wooden ladder to hold a series of planters, adding vertical interest to any garden bed.

Twig Planter

This twig planter is beautifully made and looks great hanging on the black iron gate.

Window Box On Garden Shed

If you’re going to have an all-white shed and window box, be sure to plant eye-popping colours like these ones!

Pond In A Raised Bed

I first made my pond in a raised bed or ‘pond in a box‘ years ago to fill in a garden bed near my front door where the soil was so poor nothing would grow. I could have just planted a raised bed, but the idea of having the pond in an area where we could enjoy it every day as we went in and out of the house was very enticing.

This pond in a box (above) has a extra tier to create a waterfall from the top level into the pond below.

Planter Stand With Wall Decor

This is a clever way to make a planter stand more interesting: add a mirror, or in this case, faux mirror, on the wall behind it to give it greater majesty.

Succulent Teacup

A classic idea: using teacups and saucers as little planters.

If The Shoe Fits, Plant It

I saw so many of these this summer—shoes, boots, skates—all used as planters. Some are real, others are ceramic look-a-likes.

Farm Cart With Metal Wheels

Another great farm cart converted into a garden planter. I would love to have one of these. I have a whole gallery of wheels in the garden here.

Old Farm Machinery In The Garden

I have to say, if it was a choice of cashing this one in as scrap metal or planting it, I’d probably go for the cash. But it does provide lots of room for flowering annuals!

Maple Syrup Buckets

I have a bunch of these maple syrup sap collection buckets but I’ve never been able to decide what I want to do with them. I think these ones look great as planters on the tree.