Creative Storage Idea

Having two kids in one room presents plenty of challenges, not the least of which is where to put all their stuff. Sharing a room makes storage and organization more important than ever. Unchecked, two kids' stuff can clutter up a bedroom in no time flat. Using Sterilite storage drawers has made it much easier for our daughters to keep their stuff more organized, or at least out of sight. With five Sterilite storage drawers under each bed, our girls have space to keep toys, dolls, books, crafts and even clothes.

One the greatest parts about storing crafts or toys in these Sterilite storage drawers is that the drawers can be removed completely from their frames. With handles on both ends, the kids can take the drawers wherever they want to play with their toys and work on their crafts. When it's time to clean up, they can just pack the drawer and slide it back in the frame under their bed. Everything is neat, tidy and out of sight.