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    DIY Clothespin Airplane

    I was inspired by several pins on Pinterest that I found, and played a little with clothespins and wooden ice-cream sticks to make  these Clothespin Airplane party favors.  They came out pretty cute, 


    -Wooden Clothespins
    -Mini popsicle sticks  for the tail wing and rudder (you will cut both ends off some of your mini popsicle sticks, for a tail rudder for each plane)
    -Medium/small ice cream sticks or medium sized popsicle sticks (I used the ice cream sticks) for the wings
    -Hot glue gun and glue sticks
    -Spray paint and/or craft paint


    Drop a dab of hot glue on the top of a clothes pin.

    2. Place an ice-cream stick on top of the glue to create a top wing; press together firmly.

    3. Place another dab of glue on the bottom side of the clothespin under and parallel to the first.

    4. Place a dab of glue on the tail and glue a mini popsicle stick for the tail.

    5.  Cut the ends of some of the popsicle sticks for tail rudders. Steve cut these for me with a hacksaw.  He put 5 together at a time, and put them in a vice and sawed them off (another alternative: use pliers to hold them and then saw them one at a time).

    6.   Put a dab of hot glue on the bottom of the tail rudder piece.

    7.  Glue to the tail.

    8.  Create a protected environment to spray paint….

    9.  Place a stick in the mouth of the clothespin to give yourself a handle while spray painting.

    10.  Spray paint both sides of the plane (you could also paint with acrylic craft paint and a brush).

    Decorate with an alternate paint color if you desire; Steve did all the painting for me; I think he had a great time doing it; there is a kid in all of us don't you think.    He also loved thinking about each of his Grandkids while he painted them.

    Glue a magnet to the bottom.

    These can be used to make party favors as is, or added to a Magnetic Greeting Card, for a cute decoration on the card. Have a fun...

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