DIY Egg Planters


They’re really simple and fun for the kids to take part in, as well as take care of by watering and making sure they get enough light.  Once grown in, they make for very charming centerpieces,

Supplies - which are few. Just a dozen (more or less) eggs that have been gently cracked towards the top, emptied and washed out, some planting soil, and grass seeds. We like fescue the best because it grows in really soft and fluffy.

Place a scoop of your soil in each egg cup.  You want to fill them almost all the way to the top.Then add a few seeds. The kids will want to go crazy here but try to limit them to a pinch, like maybe 10 little seeds.  As you can see my kids don’t listen to my instructions very well, but that’s okay.

Place a bit of soil over the seeds once you’ve filled each cup.  You don’t want to bury the seeds completely, just dust them really with some soil so they can develop a bit of a root system.

And then water them just a bit every couple of days. You really just need to put a few drops of water in each egg cup, too much water will easily drown them and they will get all soggy and the grass will die. Too little water and the grass doesn’t grow in time. Place them in direct sunlight, under a kitchen window sill is perfect. And don’t do what we did and leave them out on the patio, because birds will definitely eat the seeds up! So make sure to keep them safe indoors.  You’ll notice little bits of grass popping up after just a few days.  If you get great sunlight, like we do here in Southern California, your grass may grow super fast within just a couple of weeks, at which point you’ll want to trim it so it stays within the confines of the eggs and good looking for Easter dinner.