DIY: Hanging Garden Shelves

Above: The small-space hanging wall garden holds 20 houseplants.


-20 4-inch or 5-inch terra-cotta pots
-5 pine boards, 3/4 thick and 3 feet long
-Clothesline or 1/4-inch-thick rope
-Cable ties
-Cordless drill
-4-inch metal hole saw
-Circular saw

Above: bought 6-foot-long boards and cut them in half (alternately, you can have them cut to size at the lumber yard or store where you buy them).

Above: After drilling pilot holes as guides,  cut holes for the pots using a hole saw. (Be sure to clamp the board to a work surface before drilling.)

Above: Next, drilled four holes in each board for the rope (using a 5/16-inch drill bit). then threaded the rope through the holes, tying knots on the underside of the bottom board to hold them in place.

Above: Added several zip ties beneath each board to hold the rope in place.

Above: Spaced the shelves far enough apart to leave room for the plants to grow (just a little). To catch any water that drains from the pots, he recommends using small glass bottles suspended by wire.

Above: Make sure you hang the garden shelves from hooks that can support the weight. Its recommends using a wooden closet rod and closet shelf brackets.