DIY Mini Stove



 #10 CAN W/ LID - Recycle one or get one from the cannery.
  2 LARGE 28oz CANS - Eat lots of beans tonight :)
  EXTRA CAN – You need an extra can to make the shelf. 
  INSULATION - Grab some from the attic. 
  TIN SNIPS - or anything that can cut metal! 
  HEAVY-DUTY GLOVES - So you don’t cut too many fingers off! 
  MARKER – To mark where to cut on the can. 
  WIRE HANGER – To make the handle with. 
  HIGH HEAT SPRAY PAINT - If you want to make it fancy ;)

1- Mark & Cut Center Hole! With the large #10 can , use a lid from the small can and trace a circle.
Once you get something that could pass as a circle, get to cutting! This is where you get to use your Tin Snips! But if you want live on the edge, pull out a mini saw, don’t wear any safety goggles, use your toes to cut everything, and go to town!!!

2- Mark & Cut a Hole on the Inside Can Now do the same thing. but this time measure and cut the can that will be going INSIDE the #10 can. Using the piece you just cut out of the #10 can, place it on top of the smaller can and trace! Once you’re ready, let some more sparks fly!

3- Cut and Insert the Last Can With the can you haven’t touched yet, cut off the rim first. Then make about 1.5 inch tabs around the can. (see picture if I’m not making any sense :) Squeeze, smash, squish and do whatever it takes to get it through both cans. Fold some of the tabs up to make a snug fit.

4- Cut Lid With the top lid, trace a circle in the middle of it using one of the smaller cans. Then yes, cut it out.


5-Fill With Insulation! First cut tabs around the large can. We cut 8 total, but look below to see approximate spacing. Insulate with whatever you want that won’t catch on fire, I just grabbed some insulation from the attic for mine :) Pack it in until you can’t fit anymore! Fold down 4 tabs, use a hammer if you need to help flatten them. Place the lid with the circle cut into it, on top. Hammer the remaining 4 tabs on top to secure the lid in place. OR – Just look at the pics :)

6- Cut a rectangle metal piece with flaps that will fit inside. Hammer the metal to make if flat if necessary. Cut about an inch on each side of the can. Slide the shelf into place. Fold down flaps.

7- Make a Handle For a finishing touch add a handle to the rocket stove by using a metal hanger. Drill two small holes and thread a piece of hanger into them and bend it into place.

8 – Spray Rocket Stove with High Heat Spray Paint If you want to be real fancy go ahead and spray your finished rocket stove with some high heat spray paint. It will make your stove look pretty (which is very important :), and helps it to last longer!

10- You’re DONE! Time to Launch! I usually just cut up some of the scrap wood we have lying around, but use whatever you have that will fit and burn! Put some small pieces of wood on the shelf (not under, it needs to breathe) Throw some dryer lint in.
Now COOK with it! Keep feeding in wood to keep the fire going for as long as you need!
Hopefully these instructions make sense.