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    Earth Feng Shui Element

    How  do you bring a strong presence of the earth feng shui element when you need it? As always, it is best to express feng shui elements in a subtle way, with visually pleasing and esthetically appropriate items that go well with your home or office decor.

    Below find suggestions of popular decor items / feng shui products that will best express the earth feng shui element energy. As a rule, earth is most welcomed in the feng shui bagua areas of Southwest, Northeast, West, Northwest and Center. Its strong presence is best avoided in the North and South feng shui areas.

    1. Rock Crystals
    Natural crystals and stones are the best way to bring the earth feng shui element into your home. Go for a bowl filled with rock crystals or a crystal cluster on your coffee table. Learn how to use crystals for good feng shui and watch the energy in your home become calmer, healthier and happier because of these beautiful earth cures.

    2. Salt Rock Lamp and Candle Holders
    Numerous health benefits come from using a salt rock lamp or candle holder (when heated, salt rock becomes a natural air ionizer). And, of course, you are also adding the feng shui earth element where you most need it! Truly a must-have for a healthy feng shui home.

    3. Clay Figurines
    There is a good variety of clay figurines to choose from in order to bring the earth feng shui element. See what works best with your home decor, but be sure to go for this easy earth element solution. If it makes you happy, of course!

    4. Terracotta Diffusers or Candle Holders
    Double duty with this excellent feng shui earth element cure - not only you bring the needed feng shui element, you are also diffusing essential oils into the air!  Fire being a nourishing element for the earth, this is a great choice for a feng shui earth element home cure.

    5. Wall Paint in Earth Element Colors
    In feng shui, color is one of the easiest way to bring the needed shift in the energy of your home or office. Earth feng shui element colors are all earthy colors, so feel free to paint your Southwest living room in a warm sandy color or go for luscious latte or maybe even rich terracotta in your bedroom.

    6. Earth Element Art
    When all you have space (or money!) for is a framed photo or a poster, you can still bring a strong earth feng shui element. Take your own photo of a warm landscape or buy it on-line; choose a reasonably priced Ikea frame (avoid metal ones), and you've just created a great feng shui cure!

    7. Light Fixtures with Rock Crystals
    Good feng shui depends a lot on good quality light. When you looking for best lighting fixtures to create a well-lit home, think how you can bring the needed feng shui element with the colors and design of your light fixtures. This modern chandelier is a winner, as in addition to earth element color and shape, it also has rock crystals!

    8. Earthenware Bowls or Vases
    You can bring a strong presence of rich earth element with such popular decor items as bowls or vases. Group several of them together for a nice and warm conversation energy or have a big earthenware bowl filled with crystals right in the center of your home!

    9. Terracotta Color Rugs and Tapestry
    What can be easier than to bring the needed feng shui element with beautiful decor accessories? Be it pillows, throws, rugs or curtains - you can always find a visually pleasing way to create good feng shui on your home. The winner in this category are the earth color rugs as they strengthen the feng shui foundation in your home and ground your energy. Choose rugs made from natural fibers.

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