Easy Halloween Treats for Kids

Each year before Halloween I make a fun gift with the kids that they can hand out to friends in their classroom at school.

Halloween craft  - Easy & perfect for small kids.

What you need:

-Black pillow boxes
-Sturdy black card (not completely stiff, you want to be able to fold it in half)
-Pencil or marker (for writing on the black card)
-Googly eyes
-Craft glue
-Your favorite Hershey's candy (pillow boxes are the perfect size for snack sized candy)

To make:
Assemble your pillow boxes.

Fold the black card.  Place the pillow box on the black card at the crease (half on and half off).  Draw a bat wing on the card.

Cut the bat wing out.  You can use this as your template for all other bat wings required.  Trace each one and cut them out.

Apply craft glue down the center crease of each bat wing and attach it to the back of each pillow box.

Glue googly eyes onto each bat.  Set aside to dry.

Once dry, fill with your favorite snack size candy, or like I did, with Smarties

I think the kids are going to love our little bat treat boxes.