Feng Shui Kua Number Directions-Explanation

Wealth Direction (Sheng Chi)

Face Your Wealth Direction In Office.
You can make a huge difference to your career by facing your wealth direction (according to feng shui kua number) at office. While giving a presentation or while giving a job interview. Or maybe you are just working on your computer on some important project. Facing your wealth direction will help you meet your deadline.
You will  feel energized , start enjoying your work and become ambitious to climb to the top. Also your Wealth direction will help you enhance your income and help you find your career path that leads to phenomenal success.
The next time you feel anxious while negotiating a deal you know how to tap your success luck. Use your compass to figure out your wealth direction. And watch your income grow.

Health Direction (Tien Yi)

If you feel lethargic or lack vitality then this is the direction you should tap. Sleep  with your head pointed to your good heath direction (according to feng shui kua number). Its like having  a doctor of heaven looking after you and preventing illness.
That s because the cosmic energy of the universe enters your body through your crown chakra. It spreads all over your body and keeps you in the best of health.Also it keeps you free of psycological and mental problems.
Sleep and eat facing your health directions.

Love Direction (Nien Yen)

Are you are keen to find your prince charming or the snow white of your dreams ? Sleep with your head pointed to your love direction (according to your feng shui kua number). That will bring romance into your life that leads to marraige.
Also when you facing your love direction on a date, it puts you instantly at an advantage. You will become more desirable.
Has love and romance suddenly disappeared from your life? You need to sleep with the head pointed towards love direction. But if you are married then its the man's love direction according to his feng shui kua number while sleeping. You will find your partner becoming more tolerant towards you.
Face your love direction when you are talking to your wife or husband you will there will be very little quarrels. Also you become very agreeable with your partner.

Growth Direction (Fu Wei)

Face this direction whenever you feel your life is not making any sense. Or when you are keen to find purpose and meaning of your life. Your personal growth direction will help you think more clearly. Whether you are trying to meditate or visualize your dreams you must face this direction to relax and calm down.
This direction also helps you think more clearly when you are doing any written work. It will enhance your creative talents and your personal abilities. Needless to say this is the best directions for young students who need educational luck.

Bad luck direction - accidents and mishaps (Ho Hai)

Your bad luck direction is the least harmful of all the 4 bad directions. If you face accidents, mishaps, get struck with illness too frequently then check your sleeping position. Chances are you are facing your bad luck direction. Avoid facing or sleeping with head pointing in this direction.

Five Ghost Direction- Robbery And Fire (Wu Kwei)

Facing your five ghost direction brings troublesome people into your life Avoid having your main living or dining area in your five ghost direction. If your main door is in the area then it brings quarrells within the home or mishaps like fire or burglary.
Avoid sleeping or facing this direction.

Six Killings- Lawsuits And Loss of Money (Lui Shar)

The six types of misfortune include
illness, death, loss of good name, loss of wealth and loss of descendants.
Avoid sleeping with your head pointing to this direction. Dont face this direction at work. You will face health problems, business will suffer and your loved ones will leave you.Nothing you say will be heard and you will loose your reputation.

Total Loss (Chueh Ming)

If you are the head of the family and your main door is facing your total loss direction what can you expect? You can expect death to the entire family and the end of your family name. You could lose your wealth. Expect bankruptcy.
Avoid sleeping with your head pointing to this direction. Avoid facing this direction at all cost.