How To Control Your Children Using Mobile Phones


7 Ways To Control Your Children Using Mobile Phones. Mobile phone use is not considered a luxury item but it is a necessity in our society today. It’s widely used, not only among adults and but children too. However, frequent use of mobile phones and lasting negative effect on children.
Although no prove the use of the phone by a child will carry the disease, we should guard their children from using the phone on a regular basis.

Children may also be threatened against an element because they have a weak immune system than adults. Parents are advised to restrict the use of mobile phones to children except when needed. Other mobile phones, radio frequency (RF), can be obtained from used by other electronic devices such as televisions, radios and computers.

Social impact
While the socially furthermore, technological development and design of mobile phones today encourage kids too, they drawing what belongs to a friend who can afford it. They can’t afford it. This situation invites social problems such as stealing, cheating and so on.

Psychological effects
Psychologically, kids would be alone without regard to the family and the environment. This can affect learning because they are careless use of mobile phones.

7 ways to control children from using mobile phones on a regular basis are:

1.  Separate time for children to play and learn. If time for them to play, let them play. As well as they learn.

2.  Don’t let them too often with maid, friends or with siblings without parental involvement.

3.  Explain about the effects of cell phone use too often and long to the children so that they understand.

4.  Monitor the software available in your child's cell phone.

5.  Parents should know mobile phone applications. Try to lead your children how to get the information and use of the application.

6.  Explain to your children why they are prohibited from accessing porn sites or information that is inappropriate to their age.

7.  Regulatory expenses prepaid card used by your children.