How to Feng Shui Your Desk

Now comes the fun part: arranging your desk to promote the flow of positive energy.

Imagine the desktop divided into a nine-part grid, as in the Bagua map shown above. Choose several areas of your life that could use a little boost, and use the guidelines below to attract good energy to those areas. Each section is associated with a color, and you can use objects of that color if you have them. Just don’t go overboard — remember, clutter blocks creativity, so at least 50 percent of the desktop should be clear at all times. Don’t focus on all nine sections; instead, select two to three priorities.

Wealth and Prosperity
The back left corner of the desk represents prosperity. Target this space to attract money and abundance. It’s a great place for a plant, but if your green thumb is more on the brown side, consider placing a valuable item (such as a crystal vase or jar of change) in this corner. This could also be a good spot for a (well-functioning) computer. Color: Purple

Fame and Reputation
Want more than fifteen minutes in the spotlight? In the center back of the Bagua map, you’ll find the space for fame. Place business cards or a nameplate here. Cerrano also recommends “motivational images that highlight who you are and your accomplishments” (think a photo of your first marathon finish or your hard-earned diploma). Color: Red

Love and Relationships
To find a little love today (or in the future), focus on the back right corner. Single? A fresh flower, which can bring luck and maybe even spark romance, goes here. Already have a special someone? Place a photo of you and your loved one here. Color: Pink

Boost creativity by adding inspiration to the right center of the grid. Aspiring writers, place a journal or book here. A blank sketchbook would be ideal for artists, while a metal object may work well for others. But really, anything goes — just get creative! Colors: White, silver, gold, copper

Helpful People and Travel
If you’re in need of a little help from your friends, focus on the front right section. This is a great place to put a phone or an address book (Do people use those anymore?). This area also represents travel, so a travel guide or a photo of a dream vacation spot would work well here. Color: Gray

Front and center is the career space — definitely appropriate for a desk. Keep this spot free of clutter. Cerrano suggests displaying affirmations or motivational quotes around the office; this would be a great place to stick one of those. Color: Black

Knowledge and Wisdom
Struggling to learn new material, or just want to be wise beyond your years? Focus on the front left corner of the desk. Place a reference book (or maybe a picture of Albert Einstein) here. Color: Blue

Although it’s a cliché desktop feature, a family photo, according to Feng Shui principles, fits well on the left center of the desk. A wood frame enhances the energy of this particular space. Color: Green

Although sitting at a desk doesn’t do much for your health, there are a few ways to promote health even while working. Keep the center area of the desktop free of clutter to attract good energy to the area. In addition, Cerrano recommends taking short breaks throughout the day to reduce stress and maintain focus. Color: Yellow

The Takeaway

Feng Shui isn’t a magic formula; rather, it provides a visual reminder of the areas of life that you value or are working to improve. Chin notes that Feng Shui is a “matter of perspective, a way of thinking or creating balance in our lives”. Start by following the guidelines above as a way to add positivity and balance to your desk — and to your life!