How To Teach Kids Drink Plain Water!

Water! All of us need water, as well as children. 70 percent of our body contain water. Without water, blood can’t flow, essential nutrients and oxygen can’t be transmitted. And without waste water and saturated wastes accumulate in the body. Consequently the body will turn into toxic and unhealthy body and is susceptible to various diseases.

Not only the children, there are also adults who do not like to drink water. This may be due to the nature of water itself is no colour and flavour cause it does not appeal compare flavoured and coloured water. But that is no excused for us to tolerate the little plain water dispense routine.

 As parents, you need to train your toddler to drink plain water without being forced. But try not to be forced and practice to drinking plain water in daily and show an example to the children that they care about plain water intake for a healthy body.

The following is some interest in a body of water that we need to know:

1. The water to help remove all the dirt, toxic, and useless fat out naturally through urination and defecation.

2. Launch water digestion. Without enough water, the body will easily hydrated and intestine in the body will dry out and shrink.

3. Water acts as an enhancer of energy to the body. If feel thirsty, do not wait any longer to drink water. It can prevent your heart using excess energy to pump oxygen around the body.

4. Water regulates body temperature and provides a moist environment for ear, nose and throat.

5. Force toddler to drink water, it can be difficult. Otherwise, you should allure kids to drink water. Try this following step to attract the attention of the children to love drinking water are:

a. The best way to educate your child loves plain water is not provided at all sugary drinks at home. Talk to your kids about the importance of water as part of their diet and do not receive soft drinks as a substitute.

a. Make sure your home has a water supply of many minerals bottle. A row of small bottles of mineral drinking is not only simple, but easily accessible toddler to carry anywhere. You can also fill bottles with water that has been cooked.

b. Be a role model!  Did your kids see you drinking water? Do not expect your child to drink more water if you don’t. The child has a high potential to mimic any behaviour, whether good or bad.

c. Do your children have their own water bottle? Own cup? Do they know how to get their own drinks? This can be taught at a young aged. Children love to do it by itself.

Little allure with a wide selection of fruit water that not only looks attractive, but is delicious and healthy. What is important, show them a mixture of plain water and fruit drinks are the best than cordial drinks with dyes and sugar. Good Luck!