How To Use A Sun Protection Cream Effectively

6 Tips How To Use A Sun Protection Cream Effectively

Use a sun protection cream effectively. For individuals who are often exposed to the sun, be sure to use the special protection cream for skin protection against sun radiation. But its use should be consistent with the activities, weather and skin type that can function more effectively. 6 tips that can help you use sun protection cream effectively.

1. If you are outdoors and exposed to direct sunlight, use a product that contains an SPF of 15 or more. Individuals who have white skin needs sun protection cream with SPF higher than dark-skinned individuals.

2. Choose a cream that can provide protection against a variety of radiation. Make sure the cream is also water resistant (waterproof) and sweat resistant activity (sweat proof) if the activities involve the use of water or sweat.

3. Wear sun protection cream before doing outdoor activities. Let it soak into the skin for more effective refuge. If the activity involves a swim or sweat, apply sun protection cream every 2 hours.

4. If you have the legal oily skin, choose a product like sun protection lotion. Make sure you check the expiration date of each product before wearing. Avoid using it if it has changed colour, dry or bad.

5. Despite being in the house, you still need sun protection cream because the sun can get in through a window, balcony or door without realizing it. When inside the house, you can reduce the quantity of sun protection cream to lightly.

6. Ensure sun protection cream is free of PABA or Para-Aminobenzoic Acid as may be allergic to the skin. Although PABA is a chemical that effective sun protection, but PABA may cause irritation, skin redness and more sensitive to sunlight.