Longevity ?? : If Men Marry Younger Women

Longevity if men marry younger women. Feelings of pride and joy will arise when men marry a beautiful, smart and young woman.

Research in Denmark found that men who marry younger women will live longer. This situation occurs on the contrary, if a man marries a woman much older than her age.

The risk of dying at a young age can be reduced to 5% if the man married to a young   woman that she was younger than 15 to 17 years. Men who marry younger women different age range from 7 to 9 years, their deaths can be reduced up to 11%.

Women and husband life is intertwined.  Younger women can treat and take care better to his husband. Attention and care as well from his wife will capable of living longer.

Even so, the study did not show the same benefit to women. Women that married to men who are older or younger the age range 7 to 9 year will risk of 20% died earlier. This figure becomes larger until reaching 30% when age gap between them reach around 15 to 17 years.