Make a noise when intimate relationships?

Make a noise when intimate relationships and find partners able to start that you are responding to sex. When you open your mouth and remove the voice, you open up the body and allow the energy and excitement of travel throughout the body.

Based on research, we make noise when an intimate relationship is because of the sound produced when the orgasm is out of control. Women also were able to refrain from producing sound.

There are four reasons why we produce noise during sex. Firstly to provide information to the couple about the level of stimulation that like it or not.Second is to increase the level of sexual stimulation. Heard a groan and sigh pair can elevate lust perpetrator. Third, to add excitement or referred to as the hedonic amplifier.

There are studies suggesting that the voice was not released but the impact of noise from the heavy breathing. Sound effects is important because sometimes even with the presence, passion and stimulation markers, especially for women are still difficult to interpret.

The fourth reason is to facilitate the work of other stimulation systems. The sound produced is a way to streamline the system of other stimuli (movement, sound and touch) and important to send various types of messages to the body.

Two types of sexual language

There are two different types of sound that was made when your intimate relationships.
The first is the word used. Sometimes it is dispersed in the form of "obscene language" expressed in general or specific.

The second type is when we produce sound that is not made ​​up of words. We sigh and groan, and when you breathe faster it can produce sound as breathless. Finally, some people will scream.

For men is sensuous sound third after sight and touch. While women were put it at the second last list. That is why women are more "silent" than men. It is impossible to enjoy the excitement of an intimate relationship at the same time you are silent.

Silent means you "hold" the pelvic muscles and genitals not relaxed and you limit the fun.

Should not noisy but enough with low voice and deep. Believe it could lead to a full-or multiple orgasms, then ejaculated on the woman. This is because the peak of sexual pleasure is to allow couples to know that enjoyed without feeling embarrassed.