Problem With Your Sexual Life Style?

Do you have a problem with your sexual life style? If yes, why must embarrassed to admit this fact when in reality its more self-confidence weakens on understand? Even so, you do not need to be too concerned because the technique Start-Stop-Start (3S) can be practiced to restore confidence with a partner while being in the room. More variations such relationships will make her smile full of meaning you love the game finished just finishing.

3S technique even just variations of conventional styles of love, but based on the opinion of some experts sexology, this technique is one of the best methods to control themselves so successfully delay or time delay ejaculation

How to enjoy 3S?

1. The most important to practice 3S technique, understanding and cooperation of the partner is required. In this situation, when the men have felt premature, women should stop doing the stimulus. If not, the man can take the initiative to immediately pull his cock out of the womb.

2. Later, take time around five to ten minutes to relax. This action also indirectly provides an opportunity to blood flow around the genital area in a state of decline and stabilize.

3. Upon completion of the session, couples can begin to do the stimulus. So next last scene until time of notable Start-Stop-Start.

4. The technique can also be combined with a cover or pressing genitals by hand during the process of ejaculation almost last. Keep calm, slow to do this activity for 15 to 20 minutes until you are heading to the top. Not only him, but you also will feel the pleasure and preoccupation.
The duration of male ejaculation

According to the lecturer Urology Clinic, University of Carlifornia, San Francisco, Ira Sharlip, early ejaculation is the main symptoms of the problem of sexual dysfunction (ED) in men. He added, this problem occurs about 20 to 30 percent of men in all ages.

However, according to Sharlip, this amount does not give a sufficiently accurate. This is because there are a handful of men who suffer from premature in just over a minute and they do not suffer from premature ejaculation.

There are also men who are able to survive for 20 minutes. But what is surprising, they acknowledged experiencing premature ejaculation in the period. Premature definition can be different in the eyes or mind a culprit. But that definition also depends on the level of male sexual satisfaction and their perceptions about the ability or the ability to control when ejaculation occurs. Survey found that the actual ejaculation male is about 5.4 minutes. This means that men suffering from premature less than 5.4 minutes could be categorized premature ejaculation.

Satisfaction while making love is not actually evaluated based on measuring the size or duration of your game. Each partner should use sensitive point body of your partner. This step will most certainly spark more romance scenes you both.