Skin Care Tips

Have a perfect skin texture certainly an advantage for women in obtaining the best make-up. With just a little thin up it’s enough to create a distinctive radiance for flawless skin's owner. To get this healthy skin, apply the basic facial techniques such as cleans, freshens and moisturises is enough.

Skin care according to skin type:

a. Normal Skin

Usually normal skin contains natural oils.  Due to the weather, stress and the environment, sometimes it will cause dryness. For women who have this type of skin, use a mild moisturizing lotion form to keep it moist skin naturally.

b. Dry Skin
Dry skin can accelerate wrinkles due to lack of moisture. This type of skin needs a moisturizer to keep the level of elasticity. Use a moisturizer with a heavier texture like cream.  Use a night cream every night before bed. The cream will remove dead skin cells so that your face will look younger and firmer.

c. Oily Skin
If no intensive care, oily skin can cause acne because the oil producing glands active serum, then moisturizer is not really required. If you want to use a moisturizer, make sure it contains oil absorbent material. Choose a moisturizing lotion or gel from water-based soft textured to prevent excessive oil secretion.

d. Combination Skin
Skin type combination is all three types of skin normal, dry and oily. Normally this type of skin appears normal but dry around the cheeks and oily at T Zone area. Use lotion for skin lifting facial oily and dry inner with freshener cream. Finish it with moisturizing cream on the entire face and on the dry...