Water Feng Shui Element

How  do you bring a strong presence of the water feng shui element when you need it? As always, it is best to express feng shui elements in a subtle way, with visually pleasing and aesthetically appropriate items that go well with your home or office decor.

Below find suggestions of popular decor items /feng shui products that best express the water feng shui element energy. As a rule, water element is most welcomed in the feng shui bagua areas of North, East and Southeast, and its strong presence is best avoided in the Southwest, West, Northwest and Northeast areas.

1. Fountains and Water Features
There is no better way to bring the energy of water feng shui element than with a fountain! Choose the design that works best for your home or office, but be sure to choose one. A good feng shui fountain will not only create better energy in your space; it will also calm and refresh your own energy.

2. Mirrors
Mirrors are called the aspirin of feng shui because they can substantially change the flow of energy in any given space. Mirrors also bring a strong presence of the water element, so be sure you use mirrors for best feng shui in your home or office. The only places you do not want a big mirror are in your bedroom or behind your desk at work.

3. Wall Paint in Water Element Colors
In feng shui, color is one of the easiest way to bring the needed shift in the energy of your home or office. Water feng shui element colors are blue and black, so feel free to paint a feature wall in the North in a fresh blue color. Or, maybe create a trendy chalkboard wall with black chalkboard paint?

4. Blue Pillows, Throws, Rugs, etc
What can be easier than to bring the needed feng shui element with beautiful decor accessories? Be it pillows, throws, area rugs or curtains in water colors  - you can always find a visually pleasing way to create good feng shui on your home! Go for natural fabrics, such as silk, velvet or cotton.

5. Ligthing with Water Colors
Good feng shui depends a lot on good quality light. When you are out and about looking for best lighting fixtures to create a well-lit home, think how you can bring the needed feng shui element colors and shapes with the colors and design of your light fixtures.

6. Creative Wall Murals with Water Element
Beautiful wall murals can do wonders for a challenging feng shui space. You can open up a North wall with a high energy ocean vista or nourish a Southeast wall with a vibrant spring waterfall. The modern wall murals offer you many choices to create good feng shui.

7. Blue or Black Vases / Decor Elements
You can bring a strong presence of deep water blue element with such popular decor items as tall vases. Group several of them together for a water feel/flow, have them close to a matching blue wall and you've just created a strong and calming water feng shui element presence!

8. Art or Photo Frames in Water Colors
Black color decor accessories and furniture is another easy and chic way to bring the feng shui water element  into your home or office. Be it with art or photo frames, a sleek chair in black or a row of black shelves - nobody will ever guess feng shui was at work here!

9. Images of Water
When all you have space (or money!) for is a framed photo or a poster, you can still bring a strong water feng shui element. Take your own photo of a clear body of water or buy it on-line; choose a reasonably priced Ikea frame in black color and you've just created a great feng shui cure!

10. Buddha Statue in Black
Love the images of Buddha in your home? We love that, too! Choose a Buddha sculpture in black color and along with the many benefits of Buddha energy in your home, you have also just added the needed water feng shui element vibes. Easy, isn't it?