Why Sex Is Important During Pregnancy

Many couples refused to hold intercourse while pregnant wife. Many reason given for not having sexual intercourse. Sex during pregnancy has many benefits. This is very important for the couple that will be titled parents. Although the technique should be altered so as not to disturb the baby in the womb but intimate relationship greatly encouraged during pregnancy. Obstetrician recognizes that love in the last three months is good for mental health and the relationship of husband and wife. Why?

Oksitoksin Hormones
DR. Paul Jennar from the University Of Leicester, United Kingdom, stating the spouses needs a lot of Oksitoksin hormonal while waiting birth a baby. Known as the love hormone, is believed to bind Oksitoksin love to better understand and love each other. That why the couple is advisable to perform an intimate relationship to normal as Oksitoksin be produced and released through sexual contact.

Rid of stress
Sex during pregnancy is capable relieve stress experienced during pregnancy. Pressure caused by stress during pregnancy due to hormonal changes and structure of the body can be reduced through intimate contact. Orgasm will produced Endorphins. Endorphins presence that causes the wife to feel relaxed and happy as well as able to relieve the pain suffered, especially in the last months of pregnancy. Hugs and affection received while connected could stop the feeling of rejection was between husband and wife, make them care and love each other once drove all experienced the feeling of not feeling well.

More variation
While increasing the bond between husband and wife, sex during pregnancy will give you more variety in love. This is because most of the normal position should be changed as long not to put pressure or interfere with fetal development. Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Professor of sociology at the University of Washington, U.S. said spooning position should be tried by a married couple.

Distinct pleasure
Pregnancy will increase blood flow to the genital area. This condition makes intimate organs become more sensitive to opportunities to achieve orgasm will be very high. Pregnancy expert explained that the vagina will produce more fluid due to increased hormone levels of Estrogen during pregnancy. Breast also become more sensitive to touch and stimulation to any sexual intercourse during pregnancy becomes more pleasurable than before pregnancy.