Why Young Woman Marry To Old Man !

10 Reason Why Young Woman Marry To Old Man 

1. Old man more romantic and patience to treat red younger partner.

2.  Old men love more than convincing and mature young man or peer.

3. When compared with young men, old men are not boring.

4. Women are very lucky if marry to old man that still single status or widower.

5. 65% of young girls are willing to choose a rich old man for marriage.

6.  Young women willing to marry the old man to enjoy a comfortable life without have to work hard and a difficult life.

7.  There are women who are not confident in yourself. They need support from old men who have succeeded in life to help and support them.

8. Some women believe to select old and wealthy husbands will change their lifestyle and tastes of life.

9. Old man more understanding and able to be good family leader.

10. Old man not stingy when spending.