Women And Sex At The Age Of 40


Women and sex at the age of 40 years.  A woman was able to actually have sex until they are well into menopause. When age reaching 50 years and above women have reached menopause, sexual problems arise due to the hormone estrogen is no longer produced women. At this point a sexual relationship with a partner gets cold and painful due to lack of vaginal lubrication naturally produced by the hormone.

Women's sexual capability is rather subjective to be discussed as a women's sexual ability may vary with other women. Most 40-year-old woman suffered less desire or libido, but most of them still active at this age.
At this age they feel more stable, their children are grown up and less stressful and the quality of the sexual relationship with her husband will be better than when the children were small. Sexual life they are still doing well as long as no menopause. Sexual problems do not occur even the women are in the age menopause.

Women sexual life is active from puberty until reaching 35 years. When reaching the age of 35 years and above, problems with libido or sexual cold start occurs because estrogen levels are decreasing. Libido problems can be solved if the wise husband and wife entertain or stimulate the appetite, such as foreplay, use of lubricants and others.

Couples with a large age range to take into account several factors for marital harmony. When women menopause, sexual activity can cause problems because the woman's vagina will be dry and pain . If you want a relationship with your spouse, hormone replacement and lubrication can be taken for fun sex.

To overcome the sexual relationship, she may take hormone replacement to restore the "mood" and the harmony of sexual relations with a partner. Most women not taken hormone replacement to save their sexual life during menopause. You can meet with your doctor to discuss the problem.

40s women's risk:
1.  Through pramenopause era due to decreased estrogen levels.
2. Period unstable. Sometime is too long.
3.  Lack of libido or sexual desire.
4. Sometimes painful intercourse due to vaginal dryness.
5. Susceptible to infection.
6. Risk of fibroids or tumors in the uterus.
7.  Breast cancer and ovarian cancer.
8.  Lower chances of pregnancy due to less fertile and produce eggs / fry decreased.
9.  The risk of miscarriage and premature delivery.
10. Risk of placenta or placenta previa below.
11.  Risk of Down syndrome birth, disability and chronic illness.
12.  Risk of diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and so on.