6 Quick Tips on Buying a House Using Feng Shui

When purchasing a new home, the neighbourhood you choose and the design of your home affects your well-being and mental balance.

Quick Tip #1 Investigate before you buy.

A property with bad karma can affect your family’s peace and harmony.  Research the history of the land because it is important to know what the land was used for before your potential home was built upon it.  Ask the current owners, neighbours or check public records.  You wouldn’t want to buy a land where garbage or toxic material were buried previously. If you are purchasing a resale home, ask why the current owners are moving. Was the home nourished with joy and laughter or arguments and fights? Bad karma will survive within the walls of your new home, long after the previous occupants have left.

Quick Tip #2 Avoid electromagnetic fields.

Choose a home that is at least two kilometers away from multiple power lines, hydro towers and railroad tracks.  These sites have dangerous levels of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) that are harmful to human health, if you have long-term exposure to them.

Quick Tip #3 Choose a home that has a lot of natural light.

A home with that allows sunshine to enter brings beneficial chi into your life.  Remember…where the sun doesn’t enter, the doctor will!

Quick Tip #4 Keep away from garbage dumps, cemeteries and churches.

Garbage dumps consist of rotten materials and sewage containing bacteria and germs that are harmful to our health.  We tend to breathe in a shallow fashion. This restricts us from nourishing our lungs, heart and body with fresh air that we need for optimal health.  The land surrounding churches and cemeteries tend to have excessive YIN energy that can be overwhelmingly negative for residents nearby. Purchasing a home that is located 300 to 500 meters away from these bad feng shui sites is a good decision.

Quick Tip #5 Make sure the front door is visible.

Ensure that there are no objects blocking your front door like trees, overgrown shrubs or bushes.  The main door is the mouth of chi where positive energy first enters your home.

Quick Tip #6 The Staircase should not be facing the main door.

If you purchase a home where the staircase faces the front door, all the beneficial chi will enter through the door and head directly upstairs. Trust me! You don’t want that to happen.  The positive chi needs to reach all areas of your home for harmony, good health and opportunities to follow.