DIY Button-Up Foam Craft Sticks

I’ve had a package of large foam craft sticks for a long while now, but have never really figured out a fun way to put them to use.  Well, today as I was working on a project for CBC Parents, I realized that the cute flower-shaped buttons I was using coordinated perfectly with the colours of the foam sticks.  Having had a reusable countdown chain on my mind for quite a while now, I knew exactly what I was going to do with them.

I think these may be the simplest, most inexpensive DIY toy of all time.  All I did was sew a button on one end…

Then fold up the other end to create a small slit to act as a button hole.

That’s it.  The only thing I’d say to be conscious of is not to sew the button too tight.  Doing so won’t allow for much button movement, and may therefore cause the buttons to be ripped right off of the foam sticks.

I repeated the process several times and the project was done in no time at all.

We’ve only just started playing with our button-up foam craft sticks, but we’ve already found so many great uses for them!  They make perfect bracelets for little wrists…  And for mama wrists too.

You can link them together to create big shapes…

And you can loop them together to make chains.

While you’re at it, you may as well practice making some patterns…

And some letters too!

The best part?  They’re incredibly lightweight, which makes them easy to stash in your purse or diaper bag for on-the-go quiet play.

We brought ours with us when we went out for dinner yesterday, and they were a total hit.