DIY Toilet Paper Roll Train


I love to make DIY toys that keep the kids busy long after the craft is through. I thought this might be a craft we made and displayed for a while, but I was wrong. When we were done creating, my son made that train go choo-choo all throughout the house. He sat in the kitchen making it travel around him for a while. His legs, tables and chairs around the house became tunnels. This was a craft activity and a toy that resonated with my three year old.

Materials Needed to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Train

-6 Toilet Paper Roll Tubes
-1 Skinny Cardboard Tube (I used the center of a roll of foil)
-20 Lids (milk containers, Vitamin waters, Gatorade)
-Craft Paint
-Foam Brushes
-Hole Punch or Something to Make a Hole in the Cardboard Tube
-Hot Glue Gun

How to Make a Train out of Toilet Paper Rolls

1-Paint your cardboard tubes various bright colors. Cut C-shapes out of one of the tubes to create both the top of the engine and caboose. Paint those accordingly. Also cut a C-shape out of the skinny cardboard tube and paint it the same color as the engine. The C-Shape tubes will arch nicely around the toilet paper roll.

2-Once dry, hot glue the tops of the engine and caboose in place. Also, hot glue four plastic lids on each cardboard tube as the wheels of your train.

3-Punch small holes into the four “corners” of each tube. These are your attachment points for the yarn. Cut the yarn to length.

4-Weave the thread through one tube and another tube to attach two tubes together. Tie a knot. Continue the process until all of the cars of the train are connected.

It’s time to play. I wonder if your children will have fun making their cardboard train choo-choo all around the house like mine did