Health and Nutritional Benefits of Oranges


Orange is a juicy citrus fruit containing lot of vitamin contents especially Vitamin C. The delicious fruit contains some nutritional elements having lots of nutritional benefits. Oranges contain carpels with many fluid vessels which are specialized hair cells. It mostly comes in winter in its 600 varieties. It is one of the best fruits which comes with disease curable factors. Oranges contain large amount of Vitamin C and calcium, phosphorous, potassium, citrus acid, beta carotene, and aldehyde and alcohol ENE group compounds. Brazil produces highest amount of oranges all over the world.

Nutritional Benefits of Oranges:

#1: It is helpful in inflammatory conditions
Various vitamin contents like Vitamin C are known as a powerful antioxidant for human body. Orange has the ability to reduce oxidant injuries. It provides resistance power against infectious agents.
Vitamin C protects the body against harmful and pro-inflammatory free radicals present in blood. As we know citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C, orange is the best for the source of Vitamin C.

#2: Good for anti-aging
Presence of bioactive compound like Narigenin which is a good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and a good immune system provider helps in neutralizing the effect of free radicals and the unstable oxygen molecules in human body. These neutralizing effects clears the sign of aging like scars, wrinkles giving you the perfect skin letting you feel the glow and sparkle of your skin. This nutritional benefit of orange is more useful for aging women .

#3: Good for skin
Vitamins present in orange posses the good skin maintaining properties providing healthy, glowing, smooth and soft skin. This nutritional benefit of orange is used by cosmetic companies for making their product.

#4: Helps in losing weight
Nutritional benefits of oranges helps in losing weight as they are fat and calorie free fruit containing large amount of fiber. It also contains vital nutrients for human body like thiamine, niacin, vitamin B6, magnesium and copper.
All these contents with fat free elements help in losing weight and providing all necessary elements and vitamins for your body.

#5: Orange juice absorbs medicines in the body
One of the very good health benefit of orange juice is that it helps in absorbing the biochemical and physiological effects of medicines which help you cure your disease in a faster processes thus helping in absorbing medicines by the body.

#6. Good for vision
Orange contains a good percentage of Vitamin A and various flavonoid contents along with the antioxidant particles like alpha and beta carotenes, beta cryptoxanthin, zea-xanhin and lutein gives you a good skin. As we all know Vitamin A is most essential element for eye sight vision thus keeping your mucous membrane and skin of the eye healthy.

#7: Oranges control heartbeat and blood pressure
Large number of mineral present in orange helps to control the heart rate stable and moderate.
The minerals are like potassium and calcium controls the sodium action in the human body and maintains blood pressure and heart beat.
Oranges contain fiber with fat free, sodium free and cholesterol free properties keep your heart healthy.

#8: Prevents cancer
Large amount of Vitamin available in orange and other flavonoid antioxidants like alpha and beta carotenes and other antioxidant compounds which helps in preventing cancer.
The most useful nutrition fact of orange is that it is rich in flavonoid that prevents from lungs and cavity cancer.

#9: Orange peels lower blood sugar level
Orange peels contain low sugar percentage affect blood sugar levels. Diabetes and metabolic syndrome patients should take Glycemic load lower. This nutritional benefit of orange is useful for diabetic patients.

#10: It keeps balance in nutrition
Oranges have essential Vitamin contents, antioxidants, protein, water percentage, fiber, some necessary minerals that helps in keeping your body nutrition in a balanced manner.