Herbs that Helps Improve Blood Circulation

Heart disorders claim the lives of millions worldwide every year, and statistics are pointing out to how the numbers are increasing. Our poor diet, unhealthy lifestyles and sedentary work is to blame; and there’s little we can do about it.

You may try to adopt a healthy lifestyle and may change your diet, but that may not be enough- you can always do with a little extra help. Herbs and natural botanical extracts are an excellent way to boost your heart health and circulation naturally.

Here we’ve listed down the 5 best herbs that promote heart health and circulation.

1. Garlic:
You may have heard of this one- garlic has been in use since centuries when it comes to promoting heart health. The ancient Egyptians have discovered more than 200 uses of this herb, and even today, herbalists around the world use garlic as a natural preventive measure for a good number of heart conditions.

A clove of garlic taken a day (preferably raw), can inhibit bad cholesterol and increase the level of good cholesterol in the body, thereby preventing heart disorders associated with higher blood cholesterol levels. Several studies have also revealed how garlic can be effective in normalizing the blood pressure, improving blood circulation and preventing blood platelet aggregation.

2. Cayenne:
You may have added it to spice up your dishes, but there’s much more to this pepper than just that. This Indian spice, when taken daily, works wonderfully in improving heart health and promoting circulation. Cayenne pepper is known for its ability to stimulate, strengthen and tone the heart and calm down palpitations.

Several studies have also found how cayenne pepper is effective in improving blood circulation, rebuilding blood cells, removing toxins, removing plaque from the arteries, nourishing the heart with important nutrients and also preventing heart attacks and other heart disorders. Its ability to stimulate healthy blood flow ensures that the heart receives all the nutrients essential for its healthy functioning, and it also improves digestion and absorption.
A pinch to around half a teaspoon of this herb, taken daily, can prevent heart diseases and improve circulation and heart health.

3. Cacao:
Okay, this doesn’t mean you can munch on chocolate bars all day long- cacao extracts are known for their ability to improve blood pressure levels and give the body a good dose of magnesium- which is a powerful stress reliever.

A number of studies have confirmed the effectiveness of cocoa extracts in warding away heart diseases, thanks to their antioxidant content, which fights free radical damage and protects against a wide range of cardiovascular disorders. Now you know why dark chocolate is an effective heart health booster- it is free from sugars and other additives that could have a negative impact on heart health.

4. Motherwort:
Talk about wonder herbs, and motherwort comes to mind- a mild sedative and a wonderful heart health booster, motherwort has been an essential in many herbal medicine cabinets around the world. Thanks to its effectiveness in boosting heart health, motherwort has been named cardiaca by the Latins and the Greeks.

In the olden days, motherwort was given to patients who complained of heart palpitations and chest pains, and today, it is a component of many heart tonics. Motherwort also contains a natural non-toxic calcium chloride, which is good for the heart and for the body. In Fact, due to its wonderful uses in promoting heart health, motherwort was also known as the ‘heart wort.’

5. Hawthorn:
Hawthorn is a tree native to Europe, northern Asia and North America, and is known for its efficacy in preventing health conditions including angina, indigestion, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and congestive heart failure.

Hawthorn is believed to be rich in powerful antioxidants that strengthen blood vessels and stimulate blood flow. A research review of 14 studies has also found this herb to be extremely effective in managing and improving the symptoms associated with chronic heart failure. It has also been found that hawthorn extracts, when taken on a daily basis, could help lower blood pressure, anxiety, deposition of blood fats and plaques, and reduce the risk of many potentially life-threatening disorders of the heart and the circulatory system.