How to DIY Beautiful Napkin Fold with Pockets

For a perfect table setting, besides having nice flatware and table linens, uniquely folded and decorated napkins are indispensable. Here is a DIY tutorial on how to make beautiful napkin fold with pockets. The little pocket fits the flatware so well that they form a nice decorative set on the plate and will definitely impress your guests!


-Take a 50 x 50 cm napkin.

-Fold to the rectangle in half and then to the square with the open side facing upwards. Now you’ll have 4 layers of napkin.

-Fold the upper layer to the center.

-Fold the second layer twice from the top towards the center.

-Fold the third layer over the edge of the second layer and slide it under the first layer fold.

-Turn the napkin and fold the both sides to the center.

-Turn the napkin again and you will see the pockets.

-Place the flatware inside the pockets and done!