10 Things That Make Women Undateable

Make sure you can be a dateable candidate by steering clear of these traits.

1. Relationship Baggage
If you’re still complaining or crushing on your ex-boyfriend, you shouldn’t be in a new relationship yet. No guy wants to hear stories about you and your ex!

2. Drama Queen
If a guy sees that you’re butting your nose into everything that’s not your business, he’s out! That’s a hint to him that a relationship together will involve gossip and arguments.

3. Clingy
If you’re attached to his hip and won’t let him see his friends, he’ll feel trapped. You need to let him have his space.

4. Slutty
If you constantly dress provocatively and flirt with other guys, he’ll break it off. To most men, that’s a hint that you’ll cheat on them. Remember: you can be sexy without being slutty.

5. Jealousy
If he talks to another woman and you get on the defense, he won’t be impressed. There’s a reason to get suspicious if he constantly texts her, but a simple conversation is no reason to freak out.

6. Gold Digger
If you’re looking for someone to buy you diamonds, get a job! Men won’t continue to hang around if you keep bumming off of them.

7. Compulsive Shopper
If you’re a shopaholic, try saving your money. Spending too much will indicate to a man that a relationship with you will leave you both broke!

8. Moving Too Fast
If you’re saying, “I love you” a week into the relationship and by the second you’re introducing him to your parents, he’ll run! Making big commitments early into the relationship will scare him, so slow it down!

9. Self-Centered
If you’re so immersed in yourself that you forget about him, he’ll find someone else. Try talking about him for once.

10. Whiner
If you’re constantly complaining and angry at life, he’ll get depressed. Lighten up a little and don’t take anything personally.