10 Ways To Save Money

With the cost of living increasing by the day, it is becoming necessary to find ways of saving that extra penny. The following are some ways of doing so:

1. Car Pooling: – The cost of fuel is ever rising. Therefore, instead of driving alone to work or school, you may need to think of car pooling with your neighbours.

2. Budget Shopping: – To bring down the cost of shopping, you may need to opt for alternatives such as monthly shopping, or using coupon codes.

3. Public Transport:-Public transport such as using trains or trams is always cheaper than hiring a taxi or cab. It is also more cost effective than private means.

4. Homemade meals:-Another way of saving money is preparing homemade meals instead of eating out. You may also find it more effective to reduce home deliveries.

5. Rent a movie: – Going to the movie theatre is always a costly affair. Renting a movie will do away with the fuel cost as well as the cost of snacks.

6. Packed lunch: – you will certainly appreciate carrying packed lunch instead of visiting the food court or restaurant. It is also more beneficial to carry food leftover from the previous night.

7. Walk to work: – Instead of driving to work, you will find it suitable to walk. Besides being a cost saving strategy, it also helps in staying fit.

8. Recycling: – Collecting cans or plastic and taking them to a recycling plant may give you a few pennies to spare.

9. Using energy star rated appliances is also handy when it comes to saving on the monthly power bills.

10. LED lighting: – Instead of installing incandescent lights, you will be better off using LED lighting. Besides consuming minimal energy, they provide quality light and are also durable.

Saving money is not a one-off strategy but rather a continuous process. It is therefore necessary to always be on the lookout for money saving opportunities.