5 Helpful Things to Do When You Think Life Sucks

Every single one of us has these moments. It’s just the way life is. It’s what we do in those moments that matters.

For the better part of my life, I’ve felt flustered and incapable of handling these moments. Over time, I feel like I’ve figured out a few things that I can start doing to bounce back.

I’m sharing these with the hopes that some of you will find them as useful as I do.

1. Replace “Why me?” with “What next?”

It’s natural; when things go wrong, one of the first thoughts is likely to be “Why me?”

Here’s the thing though—“Why me?” is a weakening phrase. It only serves to increase our feeling of victimhood and makes us feel incapable of dealing with the situation.

By intentionally catching ourselves thinking “Why me?” and replacing it with “What next?” we not only gain back a feeling of control, but also figure out what we can actually do.

2. Force yourself to practice gratitude.

It is hard to feel grateful when you are dealt a blow—no matter how big or small it is.

I was devastated by my daughter’s jaw fracture verdict. I had to practically force myself to practice gratitude.

No matter what you are dealing with, there is always, always something to be grateful for. Force yourself to say it out loud a few times. Your heart and your mind will soon catch up.

3. Quit blaming.

When you’re hurt, it is equally natural to look for someone to blame.

But blame only serves to prolong the hurt. It makes it harder to let things go. It makes us angry and corrodes us from the inside. It brings negativity into our life.

So just stop.

If something is meant to be, it will happen. That’s it. Deal with it and move on.

4. Don’t give in to fear and despair.

This is a tough one. It’s so much easier to just give in and surrender to the fear and grief. But we need to stand tall—even when we feel two feet too short.

When it comes to fear and despair, you have to fake it till you make it. And, sooner or later, you will make it.

5. Never give up.

No matter where you’re at or what you’re going through, don’t give up. Try just one more thing; maybe it’s just the thing that will resolve it for you.

It ain’t over, until it’s over.