Is Online Dating for You?

These days, online dating success stories seem to come from every angle.

We hear a lot about how these dating services offer opportunities to meet people. Plus, the sites claim to match users based on personality with high success rates. More people are tempted to try online dating. Here is a list of some factors to take into consideration and tips for addressing potential concerns.

Factor #1 Cost

Most sites use a monthly payment plan, though prices vary. Often, the subscription will automatically carry over to the next month, so read the details carefully.


Free websites: Some sites allow for you to try online dating for free, but you may not get the same features paid sites offer.

Commitment: The monthly cost may be reduced if you commit to multiple months at a time.

Free profiles on paid websites: Often you can create a profile and search members for free. Extra features like messaging or sending flirts require paid subscription.

Promotions: Often users who have created a free profile will receive promotional offers by email, generally in honour of special occasions like Valentine’s Day

Research: Search online for sites that match your budget (and your needs!).

Factor #2 Time Commitment

Often, members receive multiple messages every day. You may also find exchanges getting longer as you connect with particular members. If you begin exchanging phone calls, you will have to find blocks of time in which you are both free to talk.


Adjust your settings: You can try to control the volume of messages you receive by fine-tuning your settings. Often you can limit users who can message you to people in a certain age or geographical range.

Make use of the tools available: The service may offer features such as the ability to send a formulated message indicating you don’t think you’d make a good match. If you eliminate users who don’t have potential, you will spend less time responding personally.

Set boundaries for yourself: Try to schedule blocks of time where you will check and respond to your messages. Ensure that the time you set aside is not preventing you from completing other tasks.

Factor #3 Safety and Your Comfort Level

Once you connect with someone online, the relationship should lead to an in-person meeting. At this point, take your safety into account and be aware of your own comfort level.


Meet in a public place: In the interest of caution, try to arrange a meeting in a public place, rather than at your home.

Attend group events: Some websites offer group date events. These are great for safety, and also for meeting several members at once.

Be honest with yourself: It can be daunting to meet a potential partner for the first time. When considering online dating, ask yourself if you will be able to cast aside anxieties about chemistry to meet someone in person.