When You Want to Make a Change but Feel Confused and Scared

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” 

Have you ever had an inner knowing that it was time to make some life changes, but you felt too confused to make them?

What if you feel so confused about your life that you end up doing nothing?

Does this sound familiar? Maybe you’re confused about making a career change, a move to a new city, ending a relationship, or about how to get your finances in order. I think we’ve all experienced this fear-gripping confusion in one form or another, and I know how frustrating it can feel.

What I’ve noticed is that the awareness of fear as the base for your confusion can drastically reduce your stress about it.

You’re certainly not alone or helpless. And luckily, fear-based confusion is easy to move beyond. Below are my top ways to move through life confusion and finally get clear on what you want so you can take action toward it.

1. Follow your excitement.

If the fear runs deep, following your excitement will help. For example, instead of trying to answer the question, what should I do with my life, ask yourself, what excites me right now?

Make a list of all the activities and experiences that excite you, but try not to judge your list.

There are several benefits to following what excites you in this moment. One, you start to feel more excited about your life. And two, your excitement usually leads you to people and experiences that will help you set a direction for yourself.

Follow what excites you now, and know that your sources of excitement are going to shift and change as you grow.

Following your excitement is much less daunting than trying to figure out your whole life. In addition, it leaves room for expansion and gives you the freedom to continually try new things.

2. Decide on your direction.

Decide very clearly on the direction you want to go in. Making a clear decision is the quickest way out of confusion. I know this sounds obvious, but sometimes we have insane inner thoughts that hold us back. Thoughts like, “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve this.”

But you most definitely are good enough and you do deserve peace no matter what you’re telling yourself. Believe in yourself enough to make a decision and know that you will make the right one. Don’t worry about making a “bad” decision. In my opinion, making no decision at all is often worse.

Once you make the initial decision, the Universe will start to provide you with people and experiences that help you move forward. Breathe, become aware of how your decision feels in your body, and act on whatever option has a sense of lightness and openness to it.

3. Release your expectations.

Expectations lead to disappointment. Usually, when we finally make the decision to change, we proceed to come up with a detailed plan for how it should all go down. We immediately search for something that will make us feel secure in the face of change.

But the truth is, you can manifest much quicker when you open yourself up the all the possibilities that you haven’t even thought of yet.

It’s perfectly okay to focus on what you want, but I like to try and leave the details to the Universe, and simply focus on what I’m excited and capable of doing right now. This allows you to feel joy now instead of making your joy dependant on a certain outcome in the future.

You are meant to be here. As you focus on following what excites you in this moment, the clouds of confusion begin to part and you can see your direction more clearly. Then, moving toward it with inner confidence becomes natural.

It’s okay to feel vulnerable in the process, but I know from experience that the vulnerability associated with change is completely worth it. You’re worth it. Don’t let the confusion hold you back a moment longer. Once you take the first step, everything else will unfold for you.