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    10 Difference Between Dating a Boy and a Man

    Before looking into any further, you need to know that age does not matter when you are dating. It’s more about maturity.

    1. If a man asks you out, he pays for your dinner. A boy on the other hand will split the bill and he might even split hairs about who ordered what.

    2. A man shows up on time. A boy usually lost track of time by playing video games and probably turn up after an hour.

    3. A man plans for his future. A boy plans as far as lunch or dinner.

    4. Usually a man does not get jealous whenever you hang around your guy friends. A boy does.

    5. A man gets out from his room and treat your family the way it’s suppose to be. A boy is not ready for it.

    6. A man will always have opinion on where to eat and such. A boy usually goes with the flow by saying “Why don’t you pick?”

    7. A man doesn’t take himself tooooooo seriously. A boy can’t take a joke.

    8. A man knows how to respond to “Do I look fat in this?”. A boy will be like “WELL, YEAH”!

    9. A man knows that his girlfriend’s thought matters. A boy on the other hand is selfish and too self-centered.

    10. A man will be there for you when you need a shoulder to cry. A boy is nowhere to be found.

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