Chinese New Year Taboos -Know The Rules

What can I do before the Chinese New Year to achieve good luck?

-    Ensure that your house, flat, office or any other building is completely clean from top to bottom, to encourage good luck in the coming year. We spend 2-3 days cleaning every single area of our home just before New Year which is quite time consuming but feels great after.

-    Do not wash or cut your hair on the first few days of the New Year.  “Hair” is a homophone for the word “fa” meaning “prosperity” in Chinese.  Therefore “cut the hair” or “wash the hair” is perceived as “cut your prosperity” or “wash your prosperity away”. This is something we have done for as long as I can remember.

-    You should open all the windows and doors in every single part of the home as this is said to bring in clean, new good luck for the year.

-    Do talk about death or anything negative on the first few days of the year and in modern days horror films or any film with negative connotations would never be watched.

-    Do not purchase books in the first few days in Chinese New Year.  “Book” is a homophone for the word “shu” meaning “loss” in Chinese.

-    Do not cry on the first few days of the New Year or raise your voice to your children or any other member of your family as it is believed this will set the year ahead.

-    You should switch on all of the lights in the home inside and out as this is said to attract good luck from outside and if the windows and doors are wide open it is easy for the luck to enter. The bright lights and open windows are also used to scare away evil sprits.

-    Many people, especially Chinese will buy a new pair of slippers at New Year, apparently it is said to stop people gossiping about you, In China, face and reputation is very important.

-    This is quite normal all around the earth but one thing the Chinese spend a lot of time doing before New Year is bathing and they cover themselves with Pomelo leaves to enhance their health for the year. Pomelo is the largest of citrus trees and they grow as large as a bowling ball and are said to be very healthy to drink and eat.

-    The Chinese believe that whatever happens to them on New Years day sets how the year ahead will be for them; this is why they avoid arguments, using knives, driving too far and they love to gamble on New Years day as they hope to create good luck and wealth. You can read more on this below.

Some rules and regulations the Chinese stick to on the Chinese New Year Day.

-    Because everybody is in a celebrating mood on Chinese new years, people should not argue or disagree with each other.

-    Parents should not punish or discipline the children. Otherwise, they will have more arguments in the New Year.

-    Women should refrain from using a knife or scissors in the kitchen. The knife signifies anger and danger in the woman’s life and the scissors predict the woman cutting people out of her life. Women do not prepare or cook meals on this day but eat leftover food from the day before instead.

-    It is considered bad luck if you smash a plate, bowl, cup or any other similar kitchen crockery; this brings bad luck regarding finances throughout the year, all smashed crockery should be placed in a round container until the next rubbish collection day.

-    It is said that if you sweep up rubbish or throw away rubbish on Chinese New Year Day, you will be sweeping or throwing away the wealth and luck that resides in your home so please do not do any cleaning.

-    Do not take a lunchtime nap today as this will encourage laziness throughout the whole year.

-    You should not wash yourself on this day which mean do not take a bath, shower or wash your hair on Chinese New Years Day as this will wash away all good luck for you personally.

-    Refrain from wearing black or white colours when visiting friends on this day as these colours are associated with funerals and death.

-    Do not eat rice or oat porridge for breakfast on this day as rice or oat porridge is associated with the poor eating rice or oat porridge in the past; this symbolises a loss of wealth. A good breakfast would be fruit.

-    If somebody that you know or know of has recently passed away, it is not advisable to visit a family member’s house that is connected to the recently deceased as this could bring bad luck in 2015.

-    Do not eat any meat during breakfast on this day as many gods that are vegetarians arrive on the Chinese New Year Day festival this day and this could upset them.

-    When you wake somebody up on this morning, do not use their name as it is said that this person will be dependant on you all year long to motivate them.

-    Refrain from taking medicine if possible on this day that is not essential for your health as this could symbolise weakness and could bring illness to you throughout some point of the year but obviously, necessary medication must still be taken as usual.

    Do not wash any clothes on this day as Chinese New Year Day is the birthday of the god of Water.

-    Do not collect any debts on this day as you may find that you will be chasing money for the rest of 2015.

-    Do not let anybody take anything out of your pockets, purse, handbag or wallet as this symbolises money loss throughout the year and please be careful when out as pick pockets can also cause problems with this.

    Do not cut your hair or nails on this day as it is believed that you will be bringing pain to your relations.

-    Do not buy any shoes as it is considered very unlucky; “shoe” translated in Mandarin means evil and when translated in Cantonese means rough although slippers are fine.

-    Keep everything positive and do not talk about anything negative on this day as you will be setting an example for how the rest of your year is to be lived.

-    When offering something, do not do so in fours; when “four” is translated in Chinese, it sounds like death. An example would be not to place 4 or 24 – 34 04 worse still 44 pounds/dollars in a red envelope

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